How We Help:

Our clients contribute to so many aspects of everyday life. From developing and manufacturing versatile and cutting-edge products used in our homes, vehicles, and work environments, to conducting research and development that ensures the safety of the prescriptions that keep us healthy and training the minds of the next generation of globally-oriented citizens, their activities are what keeps the economy moving. It is our job to help ensure that our clients’ worksites are in full compliance with the latest laws and regulations when it comes to serious inquiries such as government visits or I9 inspections. That’s why we’ve developed a set of proven strategies for monitoring compliance which includes:

  • Process mapping, customizations and continuous improvement to ensure manual and electronic systems operate efficiently and optimally;
  • Efficient systems and processes that enable our team to respond quickly to both the company’s and sponsored foreign national’s questions;
  • Four levels of quality control per filing;
  • Monitoring of immigration-related Congressional and regulatory agendas and trends in adjudications and enforcement;
  • Educating team members and clients about those agendas and trends and proactively strategizing with them to achieve success; and
  • Understanding the nature of a client’s business as well as the significance of the sponsored foreign national’s role.

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